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Welcome to Fire/EMS Shift Generator
This will be a yearly subscription, so every year you can re-download the app at the same price.

The application was built by our very good friends at Halosys Technologies Inc. We came to them with our idea for the application, and ambitions of helping out the Fallen Firefighter Foundation. They were more than happy to help us, and support the Fire Department along with EMS agencies. We complied numerous Fire Department and EMS schedules around the country, and we believe that most schedules around the United States and Internatonally will be able to Generate their schedules. It was simple mathmatics and algorithm's, and our friends at Halosys put it all together.

F.Y.I. We truly believe that we can make a difference and have a useful product. If your having trouble with inputing numbers to generate your shift, please feel free to email us with your questions. WE WILL get back to you with assistance. Also, if your schedule is unable to be created, let us know. We have some exciting updates coming that will include more options for the calender that should benefit everyone's needs. For more information on the Fallen Firefighter's Foundation, you can visit www.firehero.org. Our email is frelplabs@gmail.com.

Once again, THANK YOU for visiting our website, and we hope you enjoy our Application.
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More About Events
The Fire/EMS Shift Generator Application has been developed for the Fire and Emergency Medical Services departments through out the world. It is an easy to use application that allows you to build your own ‘Shift Calendar’, highlighting your working days and those of your co-workers too!

By entering your calendar/ shift title, your work pattern, your shift color, your starting date, and touching the ‘Generate’ icon will allow you to see years of working days. You may add multiple shifts to the calendar or choose to make a new calendar(s) for other shifts or departments. 5 total calendars can be generated with a max of 4 shifts per calendar.

Enter Calendar/ Shift Title i.e. Dave’s Shift or B Shift


White Box = Day(s) on in a row
Gray Box = Day(s) off in a row

2x4 or48x96 would be:

3-4 Kelly would be:

3x4 or 72x96 would be:

4-6 (So.Cal.) would be:
1 1111116

You are able to add more boxes if needed by tapping the right arrow on the pattern box.
There are a total of 16 boxes available.

Choose any of 5 colors available

Choose the starting date of your next full shift/ tour on.


Tap the ‘Generate’ at the top right of the screen.

To add another shift, click the ‘Add Shift’ icon on the top right of the screen. Repeat the same instructions, but making sure the pattern stays the same and the date changes for the new shift/ tour.

Extend shift:
For existing calendars having trouble viewing two years out, please go to the All Shifts. Tap the extend shift button on the top left corner of the screen. Please choose the calendar you would like to extend. Tap Done. Then please select the shift or color you would like to extend and choose the starting date. Continue this for all shifts that need to be extended.

One calendar may be chosen as ‘My Calendar’. Simply go to the calendar that you want to be your default calendar. Touch the screen and the hover screen will appear. In the hover screen, a box to the right will say ‘MyCal’. Tap the box and you will get a confirmation that you have set this calendar as your default calendar. When you tap on the Shift Generator Icon on your device your default calendar will automatically appear without having to go through the menu.

If you would like to make another Calendar select the ‘New Cal’ on the bottom of the screen and follow the steps above.

The ‘Share’ icon on the bottom of the screen will allow you to access your favorite social networks and email friends and family members.

Hover screen will appear and disappear when the screen is touched or left alone.

How to add events, notes, OT, Trade, Kelly Days, VAC, etc.

To add an event to a certain day press the day you wish to add an event to, it should highlight that day. An event screen will pop up, that looks similiar to the ical. Add your title and location. The date screens will show todays date, you must switch the dates manually to the day or days you wish to add events to. We also have an all day feature too! For example, if you have a class starting the 9th and ending the 12th, you can indicate those dates and then press all day. Click done and your event is in, and will now be indicated on your calendar.

Please visit our website to see more information concerning our application:

You may contact and follow us thru:
(Please share your iPhone OS version along with issues faced if any)